7 Week Group Coaching Program

Connecting To My Inner Juicy Woman - How To Be Exactly Who I am When I Know I'm Holding Back 

Welcome to an intimate, gorgeous journey where you are ushered into becoming even more of the sensational woman you already are.

The #1 core desire of women is to feel comfortable in their own skin. You might also call it confidence. 

Do you struggle to trust that voice on the inside? 

Do you desire more connection in your marriage?

Do you want to explore your sensuality, your womanhood because she feels a little forgotten?

Let's explore you....because YOU matter. A lot.

I'm dying to share all of the insights I have amassed from amazing teachers around the world to cut down your learning curve and speed-rocket your results.

  • Understand what your desires are and claim them wholeheartedly.
  • Understand exactly what your superskills are, so you can triple down on your strengths.
  • Be reconnected to your juicy power.
  • Put yourself first and treat yourself like a goddess.
  • Feel more giddy and turned on in your marriage.
  • Allow amazing sex be a part of your everyday experience.

  • You set boundaries that leave you feeling empowered.
  • You let go of insecurity and control as outdated coping mechanisms.
  • You have access to feeling juicy wheneve you desire.
  • You know how to tap into your creativity so you can better manage your business.
  • You find peace and balance in everyday life rather than living like a crazy person.

 How is your everyday life going to change as a result of going through this program?

  • You make more money (better sex leads to more healthy finances). Like whoah!
  • You feel more connected in all of your relationships.
  • You stop worrying so much about what other people think about you.
  • You listen to your heart and trust what it's telling you. Bye bye second guessing yourself.
  • You make sense of what you're thinking so you can take action.


  • 7 Week Group Coaching Program
  • 7 Weekly Video Calls via Zoom (90 minutes - 2 hours)
  • Start on Monday, November 20th
  • Calls are at 8pm EST
  • All calls will be recorded so if you're unable to attend any of the calls live, you'll get the replay.
  • Private FB Group to connect and share
  • Special resources

Master Goddess level includes all of the above plus:

  • 2, 1-hour coaching calls with me ($1,000 value)
  • Unlimited access to me on Voxer (priceless)
  • Ticket to my next live event (to be announced)
  • Special Gifts

This is the effect Sarah has on a group of women!

Meet Sarah

Do you hear that soft whisper pulling you towards something?  

Do you desire a bigger life with more significance in every little moment? Do you dream of being the kind of woman that make others think "Wow, I'll have what she's having;" dancing like nobody is watching when everyone is; feeling like you're bringing all of you to the table, all of the time; living with intention and creating realities that match your desires?  

It's time to say "bye bye" to that "I don't feel satisfied. Something's missing" feeling. Welcome home to marvelous you; you that is living a life you adore, you that experiences flow in your thoughts and actions, you that is connection and love embodied, you that knows how to participate fully in creating your desires.

ⓒ 2017 Sarah Moore | Moore Soul Sessions